GALEX Gas Injection System with four SEM and FIB deposition precursors



  • Easy installation, alignment, and start-up
  • Compatible with C, W, Mo, Pt FIB deposition precursors
  • User-exchangeable and re-loadable cartridges, self-service precursor exchange
  • Port-mounted gas injector is always ready, no lengthy preparations prior to operation
  • Most precursors ready for injection within seconds
  • Rapid switch of precursor chemistry, no degassing prior to use of gas injector for SEM or FIB deposition
  • Injection of multiple precursors on the same port, no need for position correction or re-alignment
  • Desktop or rack-mountable controller, push-button operation or computerized GUI control 
  • Self-sealed precursor precursors cartridges improve handling safety
  • Double-sealed containers comply with safety regulations for shipping FIB deposition precursors
  • Fail-safe normally-closed gas injector process valves for safe power-loss shutdown
  • Fail-safe retraction facilitates withdrawal of gas injector in case of air pressure loss or power shutdown
  • Customization of gas injector for experimental precursors and FIB deposition application development support
  • Designed and built by people with decades of expertise in FIB instrumentation, gas injection and FIB GAE
  • Gas Assisted Etching version is available
  • UHV-compatible version upon request


  • Desktop or rack-mountable controller, push-button operation or computerized GUI control  
  • Integration with GALEX GIS or standalone operation