Rapidly heating to 2400°C (4352°F) at the rates up to 100°C/Sec in graphite environment within vacuum or gaseous atmosphere of argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and their mixtures



HTT-G furnaces are unique instruments designed for rapid high temperature processing of materials. A specific feature of HTT-G furnaces is that all heated parts (sample container, heating element, temperature shields and power electrodes) working in a wide range of high temperatures from 300°C (572°F) to 2400°C (4352°F) are made of graphite. Uniquely designed heating elements enable rapid heating and cooling rates as fast as 100°C/Sec and are especially advantageous for rapid processing of

materials with low stability at high temperature. One example of such material is diamond, which undergoes graphitization when heated for prolonged time at temperatures over 1800°C. The high temperature chamber of HTT-G furnaces is designed for work in a vacuum environment or in atmosphere of non-oxidizing gases (e.g. nitrogen, argon, hydrogen) and gaseous mixtures.


Min. Temp.:   300°C (572°F) Controllable

Max. Temp.:   2,000°C (3,632°F) Standard in Vacuum

Max Temp.:   2,400°C (4,352°F) UHT Option in Vacuum

Peak Heating Rate:  50°C/Sec (Standard in Vac.) Peak

Heating Rate:   100°C/Sec (UHT Option in Vac.)

Passive Cooling Rate:  10°C/Sec peak (Standard in Vac.)

Active Cooling Rate:  100°C/Sec peak (Hydrogen, RGA option) 



  • High Temperature Research
  • Heat Treatment
  • Rapid Annealing
  • Earth Sciences
  • Volcanoloy
  • Mineralogy
  • Diamond Annealing
  • LPHT Treated Diamond
  • Diamond Color Treatment
  • Metal Sintering R&D 
  • Ceramic Sintering R&D